Media & Information Literacy

SALTO-YOUTH Participation & Information Resource Centre (SALTO Resource Centre), Berlin, Germany

During this study visit, we mixed presentations, visiting organisations, discussions, working groups and presentations in a way that  give us an opportunity not only to listen and learn, but also to contribute and initiate topics of discussions. 1) Learned about and from Berlin-based organisations (Deutsche Welle, ZDF, Media Residents) and people who work with the topic of Media & Information Literacy; 2) We were offered new knowledge and inspiration; 3) We gathered and shared best practices in the field; 4) We created a fruitful basis for future cooperation between experts, participants and various organisations and media; 5) We were encouraged to take the new knowledge and ideas to our home countries and put them in practice (projects, training events, new initiatives, etc).

PlayUK Arcadia Festival

As part of the PlayUK program, the president of IPMD-Skopje was representative at the workshop “Living Room of the Future” was held at the digital festival in Skopje, organized by British Council.
The idea of the workshop was to create a new storytelling, not just for media, for everyday life, with new experiences.


Win-Win Society

Athens, Greece

The aim is, in line with the objectives set by the European Commission for Erasmus+ in the youth field, to develop and learn through mobility using non-formal and informal learning methods. We intend to teach young people from different countries how to live and create Together with immigrants, refugees and all socially vulnerable groups, discover ways to be self-sustaining and design products, services and jobs while being beneficial to the local communities. At the same time, we will learn about human rights and life values, discrimination and stereotypes, we will identify the cultural heritage of the place and its importance, learn about interculturalism, define and meet refugees, migrants and asylum seekers and we will plan how to live together: how to co-exist, to train together and to become active citizens and social entrepreneurs for the common good.

TV Serial Nena and Robbie

An eleven-year-old girl believes her luck has turned around when she is noticed by the prestigious world’s league for extraordinary children after she develops her own scientific creature, a robot, whom she needs to teach how to be the best “human” in the world.

Supported by ZOOTROP Studio

TC “The Power of Non-formal Education”

Budapest, Hungary 12/2017 Tempus Public Foundation Erasmus+ YOUTH Hungarian National Agency.

Transnational Training and Cooperation Activities foster the competence development of professionals in youth related fields. Through the projects, transnational cooperation is enhanced within the youth field as well as with the stakeholders of related sectors. The projects contribute to strengthening the role and quality of youth work and youth policy in Europe.